Look out, Santa! (A Christmas Story)

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When everyone around is in the Christmas spirit and you are not, it is annoying. It is doubly annoying if at the same time your pockets are completely empty. Nothing even with which to buy gifts for children.
A desperate loser Lenny Pukhov decided to go for a robbery. A masking he dressed in a suit of Santa Claus. And nothing, but intervened real Santa Claus ...

Knight Caterino. Country of Frozen Time-1 (illustrated)

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This is an amazing story about a girl Kate, who came to the Country of Frozen Time. She won in the match and became the dragon knight. Now in her hands a sword, magic and sorcery. Now it is waiting for a lot of adventures.
Preteen are happy.

The Sovereign was very old and would soon die. He needed an heir and ordered the magic swans to find him one. They found 7-year-old Gene who had just had a fight with his 11-year-old sister Kate. The idea of becoming a prince was so tempting that Gene agreed to go with the swans to the Country of Frozen Time. Now Kate, with the help of a feather left behind by the swans, must also travel there to bring her brother home.

Prince of the White Tower. Country of Frozen Time-2 (illustrated)

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Fans of Knight Caterino will be able to follow the exciting adventures of their heroes in the "Country of Frozen Time"
The son of a noble knight, Chris helps Kate save the soul of her younger brother from the evil spell. However, that is only half of the battle. They still have to find a way home.

Christian Thirteen. Country of Frozen Time-3 (illustrated)

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Third books of saga Country of Frozen Time